Advanced Sports Nutrition (2nd Edition) by Dan Benardot

By Dan Benardot

Writer and world-renowned activities nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot has utilized his large learn and paintings with elite athletes, together with Olympic gold medalists, to provide an explanation for the hyperlink among meals and athletic functionality. hence, complicated activities foodstuff offers the main subtle and worthy food info out there.

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Not only is it the many heart affections, but it leads to the intestines with resulting chronic con- PROTECTIVE FOOD : V I T A M I N S stipation. Chronic constipation in turn brings about auto-intoxication, which produces fatigue, lack o f determination and concentration and rheumatism. Constipation in its chronic form also upsets the action o f the liver and gall bladder. It is astonishing that, in this country especially, where rheumatism with concomitant liver troubles is so prevalent, the connexion between this ailment and the lack o f vitamin Β should have been so far entirely neglected.

As well as protein in a high percentage, soya beans contain the whole vitamin Β group. One pound o f beans contains about 3,000 calories and about 4 0 per cent, o f proteins, the whole group o f vitamin B, potassium and phosphorus. And a pound o f bread contains nothing but 1,100 calories and 8 per cent, o f protein. A hard-working man needs about 4,000 calories a day, and the protein content o f a pound o f soya would give him his requirements in protein for about two days. W e have mentioned soya chocolate, but soya can be ground into flour and used for all farinaceous foodstuffs, and owing to its ample fat content it can be used to produce oil and margarine.

The white bread commonly eaten is not only entirely useless, owing to its lack o f vitamins, but also poor in protein. An addition o f soya bean meal would again provide a remedy here ; the importance o f this little-known article o f diet is so great that a special section will be devoted to it later in this book. Like the potato, bread is a most important farinaceous product, and it is an interesting fact that the growth and health o f the peoples o f Europe have been closely linked up with the consumption o f large quantities o f bread.

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