Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 154: by Henning Harmuth, Beate Meffert, Peter W. Hawkes

By Henning Harmuth, Beate Meffert, Peter W. Hawkes

During this quantity, the authors expand the calculus of finite ameliorations to Dirac's equation. They receive ideas for debris with unfavourable mass which are thoroughly akin to the ideas with confident mass. moreover, they receive options for nuclear distances of the order of 10-13m and no more instead of for the standard atomic distances. They document a few different deviations from the differential concept, for example they discovered a mild deviation within the eigenvalues of an electron in a Coulomb box, just like the Lamb shift. In sections a few amazing effects are proven for the idea that of house as a result of the substitute of dx by way of delta x.

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Y: I~, ) ( A % ) ~ 00 An:(n:,,yk:) = (9) n=l If this sum converges it has a defined value for finite values of A%and known values of y,,. )" is only defined for n. = 1. This shows that geometries of finite differences are more general than Riemann's geometries. Bended coordinate system with finite distances Az,Ay. Something moving from (closest to) mark 0 can be observed at later times closest to or "at" the marks X I ,y l ; 22,yl; . . 5 6 ,y4. These marks can be connected by a segmented line or approximated by a smoothed line, but only the observations "at" the coordinate marks provide information.

5-3. The coordinate cell is defined by either three distances and three angles or by six distances AX(~O YO, , LO),AY(XI,YO, ZO),AZ(XI,YI,ZO), A ~ x y ( x o , ~A ~ S, ~ ~~()Xr I , to), Y O and , As,yz(~o,YO, zo). (l) and (2) from two and three variables to n variables xO,xl, . . 5 CURVED SPACE IN A DIFFERENCE THEORY AV = A ~ ( ~ o , y i , z o ) a,, = a,,(:cl. 5-5. 5-4 showing t h e t r u e length of Ax(x0, yo,to), Ay(x1, yo,to), a n d t h e t r u e angle a,,(xl, yo, to). of finite distances As t o infinitesimal distances ds as well as other features to be discussed presently.

Three-dimensional discrete Cartesian coordinate system with coordinate markers at the distances Ax, Ay, Az. 4-6. The important parts of this illustration are the 33 coordinate markers shown as small spheres. 4-7. Replacement of a three-dimensional, discrete Cartesian coordinate system with denumerable many points with an one-dimensional coordinate system. The illustration shows that n3 is denumerable if n is denumerable. There is a variety of ways to draw the rods connecting the coordinate points.

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