Anglo–American Microelectronics Data 1968–69: Manufacturers by G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

By G. W. A. Dummer, J. Mackenzie Robertson

Anglo-American Microelectronics facts 1968-69, quantity : brands R-Z provides details at the positive factors of the layout, development and alertness of microelectronic units. The ebook discusses the positive aspects of the layout, building and alertness of radiation built-in circuits; Raytheon built-in circuits; RCA built-in circuits; and Signetics built-in circuits. The textual content additionally describes the good points of the layout, building and alertness of Siliconix built-in circuits; Sperry built-in circuits; Sprague built-in circuits; and STC thick movie circuits. The good points of the layout, building and alertness of Stewart-Warner micro circuits; Sylvania built-in circuits; Texas tools semiconductor networks; and transitron built-in circuits also are encompassed. The publication additional tackles the beneficial properties of the layout, building and alertness of Varo hybrid movie built-in circuits; Welwyn thick movie and skinny movie resistor networks; Westinghouse built-in circuits; and Zeltex hybrid built-in circuits. Designers, purchasers, and clients of microelectronic units will locate the booklet worthy.

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Axis Temperature Cycling: 1/2 hour min. @ 4-150°C (3 Cycles) ELECTRICAL TESTS: @ + 25°C 1/2 hour min. @ - 5 min max. 65°C TABLE II - GROUP A, TYPE ACCEPTANCE TESTS SUBGROUP TEST A1 I I M A X . ACCEPTANCE 1 NO. J CONDITIONS LTPD Visual and mechanical Per MIL-STD-750. 1 Temperature Cycle -65°Cto150°C 1 MAX. ACCEPT NO. LIMITS MAX. MIN. 1 1500G. 5 msec, 5 blows each in X ] , Y ] , Z i axis ' Vibration Fatigue 20G, 2046 60 cps, 32 hrs. each in X j . Y ] , and Z] axis I Vibration Variable 20G. Frequency 100 cps, 4 cycles each 2056 100 to 2000 to in X i .

1 Moisture Resistance End Points (Failure Criteria) B3 "0" Output Voltage Note 1, subgroup A3 "0" Input Current Note 1, subgroup A3 "1" Input Current Note 1, subgroup A3 "1" Output Current Note 1. 1 blows each in X], Y j . Z i axis Vibration Fatigue 20G, 60 cps. 32 hrs. 100 to 2000 to Frequency 100 cps, 4 cycles each 2056 in X ] . Y i , and Z i axis Constant Acceleration 20,000G i n X 1 . X 2 . Y 1 Y2. 1 vertical position with a 2 oz. weight suspended from lead to be tested. }".. 1 1000 hrs End Points Same as in subgroup B6 TABLE IV - GROUP C.

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