China 2: Heroes of the Celestial Court (Rifts World Book 25) by Erick Wujcik

By Erick Wujcik

Rifts China 2 combines Oriental fantasy and mysticism, martial arts, Hong Kong motion picture motion, special and strong characters, magic, demons and technological know-how fiction as merely Palladium Books can. And for you high-tech junkies, there are the soldiers and wonders of Geofront with such things as Demon dermis physique armor, the Gun Dragon, Black Tiger strength armor, Chi Demon guns, the Gun grasp O.C.C. and more.

Highlights Include:

8 New, separate Martial artwork Hand handy skills.
12 Mystic Martial paintings Powers: 8 Trigrams (Create Ba Gua Map), Crane type, Dragon Blade, Immortality education, Cotton Fist, Animus improvement, Snake variety, contact Mastery, Praying Mantis variety, Drunken type, Chi Manipulation, and the Gun Master's Tao Je Qiang (The approach of the sufferer Gun).
12 Mystical Martial artwork O.C.C.s; Warriors, priests, Demon Quellers and Soothsayers.
Demon Quellers contain the good Demon Catching Hero, Demon & useless Slaver, and the Goblin Wrangler, plus Demon Queller secrets and techniques and weapons.
The Enlightened Demon R.C.C. and the levels of transition to enlightenment and humanity.
The shape-changing Spirit Host: part guy, part animal spirit.
The Blind Mystic and his distinctive talents to dream the longer term and become aware of the supernatural.
Many O.C.C.s have extra unique skills, perception, powers or guns precise to them.
36 Magic guns designed for binding, enslaving, searching, and slaying demons.
30 Chi-Gung Powers - Chi Manipulation.
11 Mystic physique Hardening Exercises.
12 Geofront army O.C.C.s together with the Gun grasp, Geo-Borgs and Whack activity Scientist.
The Arts of Invisibility, Tien-Hsueh Powers, mammoth Mantis Animus and more.
Geofront guns, Chi Demon guns, Demon epidermis Armor, Black Tiger energy armor, Gun Dragon manned robotic, autos and more.
Dynamic art by means of Drunken type Studio and others.
Written by means of Erick Wujcik, with contributions through Kevin Siembieda, Carl Gleba and Todd Yoho.
160 pages. Cat. No. 858.

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