Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity: A Call of Cthulhu by Kenneth Hite, Greg Stolze, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis

By Kenneth Hite, Greg Stolze, Adam Scott Glancy, Dennis Detwiller, Warren Banks, Shane Ivey

The apocalypse is right here. the boys and girls of Delta eco-friendly pursued alien threats and supernatural horrors all over the world. they suspect they're saving the area from terrible evil. yet are they only saving it for whatever worse?

The objectives of chance complement provides on your DG roleplaying crusade a conglomeration of evils, lots of them whispered in tricks and rumors because the earliest days of Delta Green.

Black Cod Island: An inhuman threat rises from the frigid waters of southern Alaska. 300 years in the past the Haida Indians fought to stamp it out. They failed. Can Delta eco-friendly fare any better?

M-EPIC: A top-secret Canadian organization with a national constitution. Few of its participants be aware of its lengthy background of utilizing supernatural tips on how to conflict the supernatural itself. Even fewer understand the poor consequences.

Disciples of the Worm: Humanity has continually sought to defeat loss of life. For a few, it's an all-consuming obsession. For Delta eco-friendly, a loathsome 25-year-old case calls for a solution to a very important query: while immortality is handy, precisely what cost is simply too high?

The Demonte Clan: storm Katrina was once probably the most devastating storms ever to strike the U.S.. For its sufferers, Katrina used to be an unspeakable tragedy. For Delta eco-friendly, Katrina used to be an opportunity to strike at a long-festering horror. the objective is an outdated and influential relations whose individuals are anything except human, who see New Orleans' plight as a chance in their personal -- and who've turn into fairly expert at destroying basically human enemies.

The Cult of Transcendence: for hundreds of years, a cult of Nyarlathotep has conspired to alter the realm from behind the curtain, spreading its effect into the halls of strength. this day its pursuits are extra refined and sinister than ever, guessed basically vaguely even via its such a lot unswerving adherents. it can be the deadliest danger Delta eco-friendly has ever faced.

Plus a wealth of instruments so as to add intensity and horror in your Delta eco-friendly video games: strive against thoughts, pressure problems, historical past ideas, DNA research, and guidance for working the sport.

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Often Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn” (“In his house at R’lyeh dead huge coral columns are cultivated to cross the canyon walls like Cthulhu lies dreaming”) are a result of this bastardized human skyscrapers turned on their side, dotted with hundreds of caves patois of original Deep One speech. This imitation of Deep One where the Deep Ones reside. ) Lesser Deep Ones—hybrids from the surface—often journey to these settlements, either to stay when their transformation is complete or to pay obeisance to their god.

Pale, stretched skin on the neck. • Odd weight loss (a thinning of the arms and legs and bulging of the torso). • Ability to hold breath for minutes. • Tolerance to temperature changes well outside the human norm. • Webbed hands. • Recurring dreams. • Personality changes and psychological problems. • Unusually persistent questioning of human cultural norms. Greater Deep One Infection Being impregnated by a Greater Deep One is a horrific possibility for any creature of any sex. All Greater Deep Ones would be considered—in the dim human sense of Deep One biology— male.

Some were “killed” on paper when their time came. of years, and is completely mundane to those who live there; its Others were too inhuman to ever be listed, and as such have lived closest analog in human culture is akin to the death or retirement their long, unnatural lives wholly outside of human culture. Nearly half of these invisible residents exist under the ocean in the nearby Deep One enclave of Al’hu Ai. The rest are ensconced off the beaten track all over the island. Twenty individual lodge- of a local.

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