Digital Libraries, Methods and Applications by Kuo Hung Huang

By Kuo Hung Huang

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There has, in contrast, been very little research on information retrieval methods for historical documents, and most of those methods are based on simple keyword matching. Some recently proposed approaches to accessing historical documents consider the evolution of languages and could be regarded as a kind of cross-age information retrieval (Gerlach & Fuhr, 2007; Khaltarkhuu & Maeda, 2006). Our goal is to establish a more effective and sophisticated retrieval method that considers not only language difference over time but also cultural differences between languages and ages.

Since the archaic equivalent of each query differs from the query itself, no relevant documents can be retrieved if we use these modern term queries. Note that we consider one diary entry as one document. Table 2 shows the original modern Japanese query, the ancient Japanese equivalents (translations) obtained by the proposed method, and the precision of retrieval using the translations. For the queries 法要 (Buddhist service) and 裸足 (bare foot), the proposed method worked quite well: 99–100% precision (the ratio of relevant documents in retrieved documents).

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