Dungeon World by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

By Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel

Dungeon international is a global of amazing experience. an international of magic, gods and demons, of fine and evil, legislation and chaos. courageous heroes enterprise into the main harmful corners of the land looking for gold and glory.

Adventurers take many shapes in Dungeon international. The races of elves, males, dwarves, and halflings all have their heroes. a few are near-invincible beasts of conflict encased in iron armor. Others are extra mysterious, conjuring up and wielding the effective forces of magic. Treasure and glory are sought by means of a holy cleric, a difficult thief, a amazing paladin, and more.

It isn’t all effortless heroics and noble bravery, although. whenever the ranger publications his neighbors throughout the historical woods there are 100 issues ready to chunk his head off. Slavering hordes of goblin troops, might be. Or is that this the Cursed wooden, the place dwells the grey Witch? Or the throngs of hateful lifeless, trying to drag a meaty corpse again to their lair? frightening, convinced, yet there’s treasure, too.

More gold and jewels and magic misplaced to guy have fallen among the cracks on this planet than you could think. Who greater to retrieve it than a band of stalwart heroes?

You and your pals are these heroes. You cross the place others can’t or won’t. There are great issues lurking on the planet. Are you prepared to stand them?

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Like most anglerfish of its type, Danglosa exemplifies amazing sexual dimorphism: it is a dual entity, with the male living as a tiny parasite on the female. He long ago mated with and fused to her, drawing sustenance straight from her body, and is now a nub of f lesh on the back of the female’s large body. The male’s mind, however, is as sharp as ever—a genius-level intellect—and without the distractions of hunting or experiencing the world via senses, has given over centuries to abstruse theorizing.

On one fateful evening, Irovetti invited the leaders of the Liacenza name—the brothers Lothaire and Berengar, warriors renowned for their skills with the rapier—to a card game at one of his warehouses. Somehow, no one present could later recollect the events of that card game, or any part of that strange evening. However, when the sun rose the next morning, Irovetti owned a signed document legally handing over all the possessions of the Liacenza family to him, including the crown of Pitax. Born from the blood and sweat of criminals, Pitax was initially conceived as nothing more than a den of thieves, where bandits could hide from authorities.

No fewer than three different gangs—the Fast Fallen, the River’s Edge Cutters, and the Half-Deads (said to be servants of a vampire)—vie for control over the quarter, and their nightly battles always leave a few corpses in the street. Even the Aldori militia doesn’t come down here in groups of less than four. The nine great Aldori Houses and their holdings, along with a patchwork of smaller walled villages and communal farms surrounding those, create a wide ring around the city. Each of the larger families has constructed its own keep of stone or wood on the hills, to which their tenants can f lee during raids, and from which the Houses can conduct raids of their own.

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