Expert Explanation: New in Chess Yearbook 60 by Genna Sosonko, Paul Van der Sterren

By Genna Sosonko, Paul Van der Sterren

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Smyslov outdoes himself.
By A. J. Goldsby I on April 1, 2002

I have this booklet. i'm a Life-Master on the video game. I train chess for a living.
Smyslov is without doubt one of the maximum gamers who ever lived. His craft as an annotator sets
himself in a category probably all via himself. (How many different writers have held the World
Championship? )
Simply placed this can be the best books in my library. i've got over 2000 chess books,
(not counting pamphlets) and this can be simply within the best a hundred, even perhaps the pinnacle 10.
Want to enhance your video game? are looking to examine strategies? Positional chess? Endings? It is
all in right here, a hundred twenty five of the simplest annotated video games you are going to ever see. whereas Smyslov lacks
the skill to the touch the bottom score sessions like Chernev, someone who experiences these
games rigorously couldn't support yet enhance. Smyslov the following most likely spent a lot more
time scripting this ebook than you are going to ever spend analyzing it . .. and it shows.


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25 ... 'iYd6! t] 26... lle1 ] 27 ... ti:lb7 Ill2] 29... tb3 ti:laS 1 2 . ] 1 4... b5 [14 ... ti:ldb5?! \Ye? t2Jce2) 16 ... ti:ll6 'li'l6=) 17 ... ti:ld3 t2Je4! ti:lcb5oo 'li'b8 ( 1 5 ... ] 1 5 ... bc4 �c4 18 . �e3 'li'a5oo] 1 6 ... lfcSt 1 7. b3! ti:ldb5! a4 a6 [17 ... e5!? ±) 18 ... ti:ld5 'ifd2 [18 ... ti:ld5? ti:lg6!? ti:ll5!? - YB/52·28] 21 ... J:I:hd1 t2Jg8 27. l::t h 1 1:1hl6 29 . lh6 30. lhl1 %·% Topalov·Tiviakov, Polanica Zdroj 1 995 YB/52·28] 23 ... ilc6 [23 ... ti:ll5! �d4± Bologan; 24 ...

Wg2+-] 38 ... g 4!? [21 ... 1Zld4 l:teB-+ t:,. -tfB] 24 ... c3) 32 ... c5+] 26 ... •• Survey S/ 33. ile2 0-0 I have been tempted to include the Accelerated Dragon in my black repertoire more than once. d4 (Benoni or Volga Gambit). There is only one prob­ lem: it is really difficult to get ac­ tive play in the Maroczy System and Black should be prepared to endure long drawn out torture against a strong opponent. One of the typical counter-attack- STATISTICS ing moves is t7-f5. Usually this is carried out after the knight ma­ noeuvre tt:lf6-d7-c5, but this is rather time-consuming, so White has time to prepare for it.

30 ... ii:Jc3 g6 6. �g2 �dS!? ii:Jc3 g6 6 . 'li'd2 i/Jc6 9 . a6 gS ii:JeS 1 1 . h4 h5 1 4 . ih6!? i/Jc4 15 . c4 1 2 ... e8 1 1 . h4 hS 1 4. g4 hg4 i/Jc4 [15 ... b5; 1 5 ... ih8] 1 6 . ii:Jb3 [� 17 . l:the1 ! ii:Jde2 - Aseev-Nemtsev] 1 7 ... fS i/Jg3 [20 ... id4 �:,. l:td4 i/Jg3 Rogozenko] 2 1 . bc3 1 -0 hg4 2 1 . ie3 i/Jf6 7 . ic4 40... ih1 ? [40... g3! cd5?? 'ii' b6 g3? [41 . i/Jc3 g6 6 . h4 hS 1 4 . 0-0-0 l'lc8 1 1 . ghS 1 9. 1/JdS f6? b3 'li'a6 �c4 [21 ... e6! l'lgS f6 22 . hS! +- fS 28 . f3 i/Jc6 30 ...

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