Heroine: A Storytelling Game by Josh Jordan

By Josh Jordan

What is Heroine?

Heroine is a storytelling video game encouraged through books and films like Wizard of oz., Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

You and your pals can discover a girl's fight to develop up. at the one hand, she has to beat the mystical demanding situations of the opposite global. Will she rescue the innocents? Will she locate her manner via mazes and traps? Will she live on an come across with the Antagonist who now principles the opposite international? however, she is making an attempt to go away in the back of her worry, confusion, and selfishness, in order that she will learn how to be heroic. Will her time within the different global train her approximately being shrewdpermanent, bold, and type? while she eventually returns domestic, will the issues she has discovered enabled her to beat her struggles in her usual life?

How do you play Heroine?

When you play Heroine, one participant performs the Heroine. the opposite gamers take turns narrating the tale and taking part in one of many Heroine's quirky new companions.

Heroine strips projects right down to 3 basic feats. A heroine can try to ‘be successful’ (the default for performing clever, utilizing social activities, or performing with honour), ‘be heroic’ (the default for clash, actual deeds or performing bravely) or ‘take a chance’ (basically every thing else).

Companions don’t face demanding situations, they only pick out no matter if to help the heroine (adding to the heroine’s ultimate die roll for the scene), or turn into embroiled within the heroine’s difficulty and therefore possibility damage (possibly subtracting from the heroines ultimate die roll). It charges issues to assist the heroine, and partners earn issues after they get themselves into trouble.

The narrator stocks an analogous foreign money because the partners, spending issues to inject demanding situations for the heroine to stand; and spending extra issues to have the ‘big bad’ appear.

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Two chapters later, Cort Divides Woodshadow from Hapsburg. ) He describes how Wicker, the antagonist’s daughter, places incriminating documents in Woodshadow’s pack, and then has him arrested. Hapsburg can’t enter the jail, because he is a pig. Will Jennifer go with the guards arresting Woodshadow or stay with Hapsburg? Will she believe that Woodshadow is guilty? Anessa, the Heroine Player, will decide the answers both these questions. Chapter Three: Narrator 33 Use Injuries and Divisions that match the theme with which you are narrating in this chapter.

Chapter Three: Narrator 33 Use Injuries and Divisions that match the theme with which you are narrating in this chapter. (See “How to Play the Narrator” above). Inflict Injuries or Divisions that you think will make a player’s current plans more difficult, but not impossible, to implement. On the other hand, never inflict an Injury or Division that will leave a player with nothing to do. Always give players active choices to make for their characters. If they are Divided in a prison, they should have interesting people to negotiate with or experimental magic to escape with, for example.

Remember a Way Out” is the move that the companion uses when the heroine is unsuccessful at overcoming the Challenge. Of course, the companion may offer the heroine a way to escape from a tough situation as part of his Help the Heroine move earlier in the chapter. Don’t be confused by the name. Help the Heroine is the move you can use before the Challenge. Remember a Way Out is a move you only use after a Challenge roll. Even though Alexandria failed to convince the bandits to leave the town alone, Fear chooses for Officer Rocks to Remember a Way Out.

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