Hormones and Resistance: Part 1 and Part 2 by Professor Hans Selye C. C., M. D., Ph. D., D.Sc., D.

By Professor Hans Selye C. C., M. D., Ph. D., D.Sc., D. Sc(hon.), M.D.(hon.), F.R.S.(C), F.I.C.S.(hon.) (auth.)

7 if that is so, the person contributors of every type hence pointed out might then be subjected to a extra profound pharmacokinetic research. In different phrases, we needed to ensure first which hormone protects opposed to which drug, sooner than shall we discover the way it did this. We needed to recognize first hormone has adaptive price earlier than lets ask no matter if this is often as a result of a syntoxic or a catatoxic mechanism. Such observations, because the incontrovertible fact that an indomethacin-induced intestinal ulcer should be avoided by way of ethylestrenol, orthat cortisol aggravates convinced infections, demonstrate not anything approximately how those hormones paintings; yet in simple terms findings of this kind can let us know the place extra learn will be lucrative. after all, scientists can hardly establish by means of direct commentary the tbings that they're trying to find; as a rule they must be guided via oblique indices. The ebernist usually first detects a compound, or perhaps a specific useful team in its molecule, by way of inference from a colour response, a revealing X-ray diffraction trend or the formation of a attribute precipitate. The medical professional needs to first suspect the presence of a microbe via definite medical symptoms ahead of he can confirm his prognosis via trying to find a selected organism. it really is maybe no longer too bold to wish that during our first efforts to explain the function of hormones in resistance, basic, without delay obvious symptoms may additionally serve us best.

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Terminology and Classification 13 The systemic action of the syntoxic steroids is mainly of the "life-maintaining corticoid" type; it is highly efficient in restoring the nonspecific resistance of adrenaldeficient organisms to normal, but then, it reaches a plateau above which tolerance is not easily raised. , darnage due to endotoxins, inflammatory irritants, immune reactions, lathyrogenic compounds) can syntoxic steroids increase tolerance far above normal because here, the "disease" is primarily due to active morbid reactions of the tissues, not to passive, direct tissue darnage by the exogenous aggressor.

The usual attempt of simply ascribing certain pharmacologic actions to the presence of one or the other functional group has been singularly unsuccessful. Specüic chemical characteristics of a molecule can be effective only ü other features do not block them through opposing pharmacologic effects or by altering absorption, membrane permeability, metabolic degradation, etc. These considerations will also have to guide our attempts to correlate the adaptive manüestations of hormones. THE ADAPTIVE HORMONES It is useful to distinguish adaptive hormone actions from those responsible for growth, reproduction and general metabolism.

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