Lighting efficiency applications, Edition: 2nd by Albert Thumann

By Albert Thumann

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Selkowitz M. S. Gould M. J. Siminovitch C. Greene F. M. Smith D. D. Hollister R. E. Snider A. J. Hunt M. Spitzglas R. P. Jarrell R. Sullivan R. L. Johnson P. Tewari H. Keller R. A. Tucker J. J. Kim W. C. Turner William R. King R. R. Verdeber J. H. Klems Paul von Paumgartten Roger L. E. G. J. Ward C. M. Lampert R. E. Webb D. J. Levy G. C. Whalen M. G. Lewis R. Whiteman F. Li G. M. Wilde J. L. Lindsey Jorge B. Wong-Keomt Page ix SECTION 1 LIGHTING SYSTEMS DESIGN Page 1 Chapter 1 How to Design a Lighting System With the increased concern for energy conservation in recent years, much attention has been focused on lighting energy consumption and methods for reducing it.

From Figure 1-4 this gives a candlepower of Page 17 9500 candelas. 1'. Therefore, Fixture Layout The fixture layout is dependent on the area. The initial layout should have equal spacing between lamps, rows and columns. The end fixture should be located at one-half the distance between fixtures. The maximum distance between fixtures usually should not exceed the mounting height unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Figure 1-5 illustrates a typical layout. If the fixture is fluorescent, it may be more practical to run the fixtures together.

Others, as represented by heavily loaded fluorescent, mercury vapor and metal halide, decay rapidly during their early years and then coast along at a Page 34 Figure 2-2. Lamp Efficacy (Does Not Include Ballast Losses) relatively lower lumen output throughout most of their useful life. These factors must be considered when evaluating the various sources for overall energy efficiency. Luminaire Selection The luminaire selected can have a significant impact on the energy efficacy of the system as a whole.

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