Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Amber Diceless Role-Playing by Jason Durall

By Jason Durall

Your Player's offerings and motion are way more random than cube!

Our international is yet one among untold many, a flux of likelihood stuck within the fight among shape and cacophony. continuously, those forces are at battle, shaping the limitless worlds. The immortal, self-appointed sovereigns of conflict flow among planes of truth with impunity: they're creators, shapers, and destroyers of worlds.

In Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, you're stuck up during this monstrous clash. own particular and idiosyncratic magical artifacts, command legions drawn from the myriad of otherworlds, and wield amazing powers that adjust the very substance of fact. even if born into it or researching it later, your personality has inherited a legacy of incredible power... and with it nice danger!

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow is an unique sourcebook and role-playing video game utilizing Erick Wujcik’s Diceless Role-Playing method (used in Amber Diceless Role-Playing). it is a standalone product with an unique atmosphere, notwithstanding it really is suitable with Amber Diceless Role-Playing.

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Shape-Changing. An Umbra Master is able to transform their physical shape into that of another living being, using the Umbra to warp the Eidolon’s pattern within them into an altogether different form. Umbra Masters try to assemble a “wardrobe” of alternate forms they’re comfortable assuming, in addition 31 to “on the fly” changes like shifting their height, coloration, growing hair and claws, etc. Simple cosmetic changes are easy, and the Umbra Master is generally able to accomplish these shape changes without much difficulty, but to grow new organs and functionality is more complex and requires a bit of time.

An Invoker begins play knowing about a dozen True Names of various beings, either encountered prior or learned through research. These names can be established at the time of character creation or can be defined during the course of play. The gamemaster should be the ultimate arbiter of whether a particular True Name is known, and can veto any preposterous coincidences (such as knowing the True Name of a powerful Dwimmerlaik lord just met, for example). Who and What Has True Names? As stated above, every living being has one, including the player characters, and even some magical items of significant prowess possess them.

A Wright can use his own Icon to create a powerful psychic bulwark through an evocation of self, backed with the magic power of the Icons themselves. This requires intense concentration and access to an Icon depicting the Wright (whether a self-portrait or an Icon made by another), and can be maintained for as long as Endurance holds out. The more powerful the forces defended against, the more difficult and draining this power is. Identifying Icons. Wrights are able to instinctually recognize any item that is an Icon, and sense the identity of the being it is linked to.

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