Monster's Handbook: A Sourcebook for Creating and by Fantasy Flight Games

By Fantasy Flight Games

The definitive d20 procedure source for reinforcing and enhancing the monsters on your online game.
• greater than 60 new feats for monsters of all kinds.
• greater than a dozen new status sessions, together with the thunder hammer great and draconic tyrant.
• Dozens of latest detailed assaults, exact features, and features very easily damaged down through creature style.
• New templates reminiscent of the chaos dragon and incessant undead that may be utilized to a number of creatures to create devastating and engaging new breeds of enemy.
• certain directions on including talents to monsters and adjusting their CRs to mirror the recent problem for computers.
• A entire dialogue on utilizing monsters successfully on your video game, and proposals on the best way to adjust current monsters to give interesting and mysterious new demanding situations for your gamers each consultation.
• In-depth feedback for combining middle feats, abilities, sessions, and magic goods with varieties of monsters.
• pattern creatures in every one part show off the recent principles and make feedback on the way to successfully combine them into your crusade.

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Spell Resistance: The alien entity is resistant to magical power that originates in the planar system. They have an SR of 10 + their HD. If the base creature has spell resistance, use the higher of the two values. Abilities: Alien entities show exaggerated characteristics. Strong ones are even more physically powerful than their mundane cousins while witless ones are even stupider than normal. To determine an alien entity’s ability scores, arrange the base creature’s characteristics in order from highest to lowest.

Bonus to their ground speed and a +20 ft.

Special: A dragon may take this feat more than once, gaining one additional use of it per day each time. Improved Crush Attack [General] Through practice and experience, a dragon learns to better use its great bulk and weight to crush smaller foes. Prerequisite: Dragon. Benefit: When using its crush attack, the dragon deals double damage on the first round of the attack. On subsequent rounds, the dragon gains a +4 bonus to grapple checks made against its crushed opponents. Improved Fear Aura [General] The dragon’s appearance and personality augment the terror it inspires in all who approach it, causing many warriors to flee in fear from its presence.

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