Opening for White according to Anand 1.e4, Volume 1 by Alexander Khalifman

By Alexander Khalifman

The 'Chess Stars Openings' sequence current a wholly new method of the learn of chess openings, which may impress the curiosity of chess gamers of all degrees. Drawing examples from the video games of trendy prime grandmasters they current the rules of choice and profitable employment of a harmonious starting repertoire, corresponding as shut as attainable to the fashion of a well known master.

This e-book is a logical sequel of the five quantity research "Opening for White in response to Kramnik-1.Nf3"

The first quantity 1.e4 e5 contains:

• half I: infrequent procedure, Latvian Gambit, Philidor's Defence
• half II: Petroff Defence
• half III: Ruy Lopez with no 3...a6

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10 e5!? l2Jxf3+ 1 1 'ii'xf3 lLlxe5 1 2 'ii'g3 with 53 Sicilian Kan some compensation for the pawn - lvan­ chuk. b) 9 ... e 2 b6 1 1 h3 h5 12 g3 liJge5 13 h4 g6 14 i.. , De­ brecen 1 992. c) 9 ... b6!? and now: cl) 10 h3?! h5! e 3 h4! d 6!? d3 d6 with equality, Kaidanov-Kharitonov, Lvov 1 985. 1 0 . b 7 . Gurcvich, New York 1991 - the dark squares on the king­ side arc dominated by Black. b) 10 g3! b7 1 1 i.. f4 liJge5 is level. 8 . tt:\e5 . liJg4. 9 h3 b6 In my opinion, this is the most exact move order - Black prepares to attack the e4-pawn.

Tl:Jxe4 23 fxe4 tl:Je5! Another offer of the exchange. 24 h3 Again White declines. lt'lg4 is also in the air. 24 . lt'ld3. The b6-pawn remains very weak but this is counterbalanced by the vulnerability of the e4-pawn - the position is more or less equal. txb6 :c8 28 :c 1 ! d3 tl:Jf6 6 0-0 'ikc7 7 fie2 d6 8 c4 g6 9 tl:Jc3 �g7 1 0 f4 Raw aggression! What happens if White goes for glory on the kingside against Black's solid structure? It must be said that 1 0 . . 0-0 1 1 tl:Jf3 White retreats the knight for kingside operations and prepares a possible e4-e5.

Ii'd6 1 8 �fc 1 , intending �ad 1, looks very dangerous for Black) 1 S ltJe4 gxf4 and Gurevich assesses this as unclear. Let's take things a bit further: 1 6 ltJxf6+ Wf7!? exf4 1 9 ltJxc7 b6 20 ltJxa8 �b7 21 ltJc7 l:tc8 22 ltJxe6 Wxc6 23 �fcl + Wf7 24 �acl ltJd7 and I prefer Black's two bish­ ops to the rook and two pawns. Black's dark-squared bishop can emerge via b8. 1 3 . . xe5?? d6 wins material for Black. 1 5 . . l:tc8! 20 a4 b4 as being equal. Black can play ... tLlc6-d8-f7. Gurevich assesses this position as slightly better for White and I agree with this.

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