City of gods - Hellenica

By Jonathan Maas

The gods are again, and they're tearing this international apart

Zeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and numerous different deities have get back to this earth and rule over their person districts without aim except satiating their very own petty desires.

The sole last useful province, Hellenica, makes a decision to behave. They construct the Academy and are approximately to recruit sixteen younger gods with the hopes of educating them to police this world.

The Horsemen

Of those sixteen younger gods, 4 have unusual powers that the Academy will not be in a position to keep watch over. Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost aren’t like general gods, and their talents stem from the Monotheistic times.

But if Hellenica has any desire of preserving this global jointly, they're going to need to train those 4 to workout their powers to their fullest quantity, no matter if it could deliver every thing to an apocalyptic end.

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Simply because you’re weak-minded,” acknowledged Kayana, motioning in the direction of Rowan. “You keep on with the likes of him and imprison the one ones who can prevent. ” “And I take it,” stated Praetor Mantus, “that you Horsemen are the single ones who can retailer us? ” “Perhaps not,” stated Kayana. “I don’t be aware of if you’re worthy saving. ” Praetor Mantus’s eyes flashed black and stared at Kayana. “Kill Rowan if you want, Kayana, yet we are going to not—” “I won't kill him,” acknowledged Kayana. “Someone else will do this. Be it at the battlefield, in joust for a king, or in duel for a perceived moderate, his future is to die.

Basilisks deliver poison,” acknowledged Gunnar, “yet those who they bit within the Academy have demons flood their head, after which are managed. ” President Hippolyta sighed, after which nodded her head. “This is what I intended while I stated that Dagon is essentially at the back of this,” stated President Hippolyta. “You see, basilisk poison doesn’t kill on its own. the way I’d describe it really is basilisk chunk, or perhaps stare, easily strips the safety from its victim’s soul. So if a basilisk have been to assault you within the wild, its chew would truly let every little thing else to assault your physique and kill you.

Feels like Dagon,” he stated. “Really? ” requested Saoirse. She smiled yet tempered her pleasure and regained her reporter’s composure. “Go on,” she acknowledged. “Dagon pulls convoluted maneuvers like this all of the time,” stated Melicertes. “He’ll ship gods to bribe mortals to construct a labyrinth to catch a rival. He’ll blackmail a nymph to entice a standard guy clear of his spouse in order that she’ll leave out a minor council vote. To the realm he’s only a thug, yet he achieves his time table via schemes. those schemes have such a lot of steps that they’re mentioned by means of conspiracy nuts probably, yet they’re by no means traced again to him.

She will not be our enemy, yet she’s the most important to figuring out why the demons have invaded the Academy. ” Gunnar suggestion for a second, after which checked out Saoirse. “What are you aware of Mermaids? ” he requested. “Anything, whatever in any respect? ” “Every every now and then one got here to Elysia,” stated Saoirse. “There’s multiple of them, so we need to discover which one spoke to the King Basilisk. ” “True,” stated Gunnar. “What else? ” “They’re charming,” acknowledged Saoirse. “They have their very own language; the common mortal can form of know it, yet form of no longer.

You don’t understand,” acknowledged Bes. “Perhaps I don’t,” stated Praetor Mantus. “And until eventually I do, she’ll be imprisoned. ” “She can nonetheless invade dreams,” acknowledged Rowan. “Not from Tartarus,” acknowledged Praetor Mantus. “It’s too deep and too darkish. ” “She’ll give you the chance to hurt,” stated Rowan. “That’s in her nature. I should still ask to chop off her head, right away, ahead of she does any harm to an individual else within the Academy. ” “You’ll now not bring to a halt her head,” acknowledged Tommy. “To achieve this, you’ll need to battle through me—” Rowan shoved Tommy apart simply.

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