Mining the Social Web: Finding Needles in the Social Haystack

By Matthew A. Russell

Fb, Twitter, and LinkedIn generate an incredible quantity of beneficial social facts, yet how will you discover who's making connections with social media, what they’re speaking approximately, or the place they’re positioned? This concise and functional e-book exhibits you ways to reply to those questions and extra. You'll easy methods to mix social internet facts, research options, and visualization that can assist you locate what you've been searching for within the social haystack, in addition to beneficial info you didn't be aware of existed.

each one standalone bankruptcy introduces suggestions for mining information in several parts of the social internet, together with blogs and electronic mail. All you must start is a programming heritage and a willingness to profit simple Python instruments.

* Get a simple synopsis of the social net panorama
* Use adaptable scripts on GitHub to reap information from social community APIs corresponding to Twitter, fb, and LinkedIn
* the way to hire easy-to-use Python instruments to slice and cube the information you acquire
* discover social connections in microformats with the XHTML buddies community
* observe complex mining thoughts resembling TF-IDF, cosine similarity, collocation research, rfile summarization, and clique detection
* construct interactive visualizations with internet applied sciences dependent upon HTML5 and JavaScript toolkits

"Data from the social net is diversified: networks and textual content, no longer tables and numbers, are the rule of thumb, and favourite question languages are changed with speedily evolving net provider APIs. enable Matthew Russell function your advisor to operating with social information units previous (email, blogs) and new (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). Mining the Social internet is a normal successor to Programming Collective Intelligence: a pragmatic, hands-on method of hacking on info from the social net with Python." --Jeff Hammerbacher

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1 fitting Python improvement instruments gathering and Manipulating Twitter information Tinkering with Twitter’s API Frequency research and Lexical variety Visualizing Tweet Graphs Synthesis: Visualizing Retweets with Protovis final feedback 1 three four 7 14 15 17 2. Microformats: Semantic Markup and customary experience Collide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 XFN and pals Exploring Social Connections with XFN A Breadth-First move slowly of XFN facts Geocoordinates: a standard Thread for almost something Wikipedia Articles + Google Maps = highway journey?

Price) for row in db. view('index/entity_count_by_doc', group=True)], key=lambda x: x[1]) # preserve purely consumer entities with inadequate frequencies user_entities = [(ef[0])[1:] for ef in entities_freqs if ef[0][0] == '@' and ef[1] >= THRESHOLD] # Do a collection comparability entities_who_are_friends = \ set(user_entities). intersection(set(friend_screen_names)) entities_who_are_not_friends = \ set(user_entities). difference(entities_who_are_friends) print 'Number of person entities in tweets: %s' % (len(user_entities), ) print 'Number of person entities in tweets who're pals: %s' \ % (len(entities_who_are_friends), ) for e in entities_who_are_friends: print '\t' + e print 'Number of person entities in tweets who're no longer pals: %s' \ % (len(entities_who_are_not_friends), ) for e in entities_who_are_not_friends: print '\t' + e The output with a frequency threshold of 15 (shown in instance 5-6) is predictable, but it brings to gentle a few observations.

Write_dot is critical in instance 2-4. instance 2-4. utilizing a breadth-first seek to move slowly XFN hyperlinks (microformats__xfn_crawl. py) # -*- coding: utf-8 -*import sys import os import urllib2 from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup import HTMLParser import networkx as nx ROOT_URL = sys. argv[1] if len(sys. argv) > 2: MAX_DEPTH = int(sys. argv[2]) else: MAX_DEPTH = 1 XFN_TAGS = set([ 'colleague', 'sweetheart', 'parent', 'co-resident', Exploring Social Connections with XFN | 25 'co-worker', 'muse', 'neighbor', 'sibling', 'kin', 'child', 'date', 'spouse', 'me', 'acquaintance', 'met', 'crush', 'contact', 'friend', ]) OUT = "graph.

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