The Android (Animorphs, Book 10)

By K. A. Applegate

Whilst Marco runs into his outdated buddy Erek he doesn't imagine an excessive amount of of it. He's obtained a number of very important activities. Like assisting to avoid wasting the area. yet then Marco unearths out Erek's been placing with childrens on the Sharing. And he starts off to imagine that something's slightly bizarre going on.

So Marco, Jake and Ax choose to morph and money previous Erek out. simply to see if he's been infested with a Yeerk. the excellent news is that Erek's no longer a human controller. The undesirable information is that Erek's no longer even human . . .

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All coming to an finish. . . . via a purple mist I observed a face at the different part of the glass. Erek. by some means, within the conflict, I had ended up now not faraway from the wall of home windows. Erek was once quite a few ft away. simply at the different facet of the glass. I felt anything not easy in my palm. The crystal. I crawled. A vicious Hork-Bajir kick, and that i went sprawling correct opposed to the glass. I acknowledged. i may see the wear and tear the kick had performed. i used to be lifeless. i'll suppose my mind shutting down. Human-Controllers have been remaining in round me, hammering me with the butts in their rifles.

I made a face. "Real humorous. " "I suggestion so," Jake acknowledged, grinning at his personal wit. "I'm going to morph Homer, i assume. you are correct. puppy is the best way to move. nobody can even imagine whatever approximately us being there, on the grounds that there are continually canine at outside stuff. And puppy listening to is excellent. you want to collect a puppy morph. " "Already have," I stated smugly. "An Irish setter. women love Irish setters. Heh, heh, heh. " I laughed my "evil" snigger and gave Jake a glance, and he laughed, too. There are those moments on your lifestyles that appear absolutely blameless in the beginning, you recognize?

Whereas people and Yeerks and Andalites and Hork-Bajir and 1000000 different species on one million worlds warred and slaughtered and conquered, we remained at peace. may you finish all that? might you are making us killers, too? " "Yes, ma'am, i suppose I would," I stated, a bit coldly. "We're in a struggle for our lives right here. Our mom and dad, our brothers and sisters, our buddies - they're all going to be slaves of the Yeerks, if we do not win. So i will do no matter what it takes. If you would fought all these hundreds of thousands of years in the past, the Pemalites may nonetheless be alive.

That does not suggest i admire it. glance, the Pemalites have been burnt up, possibly simply because they did not struggle. probably they might have misplaced whether that they had fought. we are going to by no means understand. however the Chee have lived for hundreds of thousands of years. i do know they're androids, yet they are a species, too. they have survived with out killing. does not whatever approximately that make you jealous? do not you would like lets say a similar? do not you need Homo sapiens may possibly face the universe and in truth say, "We don't kill? we do not enslave. we do not make war"? > "I do not make the rules," I stated.

Whats up, Marco, Ax, you men round? > It used to be Jake's thought-speak voice. Ax replied. I extra. whatever significant and gradual seemed within the air above me. I scampered sideways. It landed slowly with a noisy WHOOOMPHHH! A human foot. A shoe. Nike. I acknowledged. Jake stated.

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