The Atlas of Middle-Earth (Revised Edition)

By Karen Wynn Fonstad

Karen Wynn Fonstad's THE ATLAS OF MIDDLE-EARTH is a necessary quantity that may enchant all Tolkien enthusiasts. this is the definitive advisor to the geography of Middle-earth, from its founding within the Elder Days throughout the 3rd Age, together with the trips of Bilbo, Frodo, and the Fellowship of the hoop. genuine and up to date -- approximately one 3rd of the maps are new, and the textual content is absolutely revised -- the atlas illuminates the enchanted international created within the SILMARILLION, THE HOBBIT, and THE LORD OF THE RINGS.
Hundreds of two-color maps and diagrams survey the trips of the imperative characters day-to-day -- together with the entire battles and key destinations of the 1st, moment, and 3rd a while. Plans and outlines of castles, structures, and designated landforms are given, besides thematic maps describing the weather, plants, languages, and inhabitants distribution of Middle-earth all through its historical past. an in depth appendix and an index support readers correlate the maps with Tolkien's novels.

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The Misty Mountains THE TOWERING MOUNTAINS OF MIST have been surely the most very important positive aspects in Middle-earth. it's rather most probably that they, in addition to the White Mountains, have been encouraged by way of the ecu Alps, during which Tolkien had hiked in 1911. 1 The Hithaeglir, raised by means of Melkor early within the First Age as a problem to the driving of Oromë, have been a barrier to early westward migrations2 and to the quests of either Bilbo and Frodo. The north-south orientation of a few 900 miles might even have blocked the predominating wet winds from the west.

Of the mountains that have been mapped east of Beleriand, the Misty and White Mountains have been proven because the maximum, for they have been snowcapped and appeared to have created the best limitations to either weather and travels throughout the a long time. four The Mountains of Mordor, although that they had basically 3 passes (Cirith Gorgor, Cirith Ungol, and the Morgul move) have been obviously now not snowcapped, and hence, have been reduce. five Hills and Plateaus Foothills have been most likely came upon adjoining to all of the mountain levels, yet the place visitors gone through them verification used to be given.

Desk of Contents name web page desk of Contents commitment Copyright Acknowledgments Foreword Map advent the 1st AGE the 1st Age Valinor Beleriand and the Lands to the North the good March The Flight of the Noldor Realms—Before the nice Defeat Menegroth, the Thousand Caves Nargothrond Gondolin Thangorodrim and Angband Coming of fellows Travels of Beren and Lúthien Travels of Túrin and Nienor The Battles of Beleriand the second one AGE creation Refugee Relocation creation of the darkish Years Númenor Voyages of the Númenóreans The nation-states in Exile The final Alliance THE 3rd AGE advent Kingdoms of the Dúnedain Battles the good Plague Wainriders and Angmar Deepening problems Migrations of Hobbits Migrations of Dwarves local MAPS creation The Shire Eriador Wilderland The Misty Mountains The Brown Lands, the Wold, The Downs, and the Emyn Muil The White Mountains Mordor (and adjoining Lands) THE HOBBIT advent Over Hill and less than Hill: Goblin-town Out of the Frying Pan Beorn’s vast wood Halls Attercop, Attercop Thranduil's Caverns Lake-town Lonely Mountain The conflict of 5 Armies THE LORD OF THE earrings creation Hobbiton and Bag finish alongside the Brandywine at the Barrow-downs on the Prancing Pony Weathertop Rivendell Moria Lothlórien Helm’s Deep Isengard Edoras Dunharrow Minas Tirith The Morannon Henneth Annûn the trail to Cirith Ungol The Tower of Cirith Ungol Mount Doom The conflict of the Hornburg Battles within the North The conflict of the Pelennor Fields The conflict of the Morannon The conflict of via water Pathways Bag finish to Rivendell Rivendell to Lórien Rauros to Dunharrow Dunharrow to the Morannon the adventure of Frodo and Sam the line domestic The Fourth Age THEMATIC MAPS advent Landforms weather plants inhabitants Languages Appendix Notes chosen References Index of position Names Index of chosen position Names for The historical past of Middle-earth in regards to the writer To Todd, Mark, and Kristi —(still pieless)— who've shared ten years of trials and triumphs from Middle-earth, and to equipment Keefe, my cheery and brave good friend who first lent me The Lord of the jewelry The compass rose at the name web page was once converted from the heraldic gadget of Eärendil the Mariner, a layout through J.

Five RK, 322, 323. 6 RK, 321. 7 RK, 321, 322. eight RK, 323, 331. nine RK, 331. 10 FR, 233; RK, 323. DEEPENING problems (pp. 60-61) 1 Rk, 368–370. 2 RK, 332. three S, 297. four RK, 333. five S, three hundred. 6 RK, 368. 7 RK, 333, 368, 372. eight RK, 334. nine RK, 334. 10 RK, 335; UT, 298–300. eleven RK, 345. 12 RK, 349. thirteen H, 26; FR, 14; RK, 369. 14 RK, 346, 347. 15 RK, 347. sixteen RK, 347, 349. 17 RK, 348. 18 RK, 370. 19 RK, 360. 20 check with Atlas, pp. sixty five, a hundred and ten. MIGRATIONS OF HOBBITS (p. sixty four) 1 FR, 12. 2 FR, 12. three TT, 163; RK, 407, 408. four FR, 12. five RK, 366. 6 FR, 12.

21 H, 272. THE conflict of 5 ARMIES (p. 112) 1 H, 292, 293, 302. 2 H, 265–267. three H, 271. four H, 290, 291. five H, 283. 6 H, 294. 7 H, 293. eight H, 295. nine H, 296. 10 H, 302. The Lord of the earrings advent (p. 117) 1 RK, 370, 371. 2 FR, sixty eight, 266; TT, 251, 348; RK, 371; UT, 337. three FR, 269; RK, 372. four FR, 258. five UT, 338–341. 6 FR, 270. 7 RK, 372. eight FR, 275, 276. HOBBITON AND BAG finish (p. 118) 1 FR, 26; P, I. 2 H, 39; FR, 30, fifty three. three RK, 291, 292, 296. four FR, 26. five VI, seventy six. 6 H, nine, eleven. 7 FR, 30. eight FR, 34; RK, 296; P, I nine H, nine, 315.

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