The Face in the Window: A Powder Mage Short Story

By Brian McClellan

Taniel is a powder mage, a flintlock marksman having the ability to imbibe universal black powder to reinforce his brain, physique, and senses, in addition to shoot over lengthy distances. despatched into temporary exile through his father, he’s alleged to see a few of the global and funky his head, to benefit whatever in addition to existence within the Adran military. His arrival in exile, although, coincides with the eruption of a bloody new clash because the colony of Fatrasta rises up opposed to its Kez suppressers.

Taniel has convinced skills that the Fatrastan defense force may well rather well use, and he simply can’t aid yet get involved…

Occurs years prior to the occasions in Promise of Blood.

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Are you o.k.? ” “Yes,” Dina croaked. His powder mage senses advised him that the majority of his fees have been rainy. He paused merely lengthy sufficient to snigger a pinch of powder from one of many few dry ones, renewing his trance. pass effortless at the powder, his father had continually stated. Even the most powerful mage hazards dependency and powder blindness. Taniel banished that concept. No time for that sort of warning now. The darkness left few secrets and techniques for him together with his trance-enhanced sight, however the tumble down the hill had reminded him to be careful.

Taniel got rid of a snuff field from his belt pouch and tapped a line of black powder out at the again of his hand. He snorted it in a single breath and felt the area warp and twist underneath his ft. He unfold his toes to brace himself, and a second later the area got here into concentration sharper than it have been sooner than. He allow the powder trance take him totally, and he seemed out around the Tristan Basin back. He may well see a tremendous boa within the best of a cypress over a mile away, sunning itself, black forked tongue darting out and in.

His head twisted and his eyes grew broad on the sight of Taniel. “Set it down,” Taniel acknowledged in Kez. The soldier dropped his musket. “Who’s there? ” one of many others demanded. “A rebel,” the Kez stated. “He has a pistol on me. ” “Put down your muskets! ” Taniel shouted. The soldier licked his lips and met Taniel’s eyes. “There’s only one! ” he yelled as he dove to the aspect. Taniel tracked his circulation, watched him seize up his musket and switch to try. Taniel squeezed his set off, felling the soldier with a shot to the guts.

Metal clashed and screams stuffed the air. Taniel drew the pistol from his belt, his powder mage senses telling him that the powder was once nonetheless dry, and fired it into an infantryman. 18 Major Bertraeu grew to become without notice and thrust her sword, and Taniel was once greatly surprised by means of the lifeless weight of the Kez soldier that had taken her blade to the center. He driven the guy away and, now not taking the time to thank Bertraeu, deftly slipped his bayonet out of his pouch and over the top of his rifle, twisting the hoop to think it slide into position.

Calm, he reminded himself. He needed to breathe slowly and paintings his manner clear of the sinkhole. He remembered Dina’s face within the lightning—mouth open, eyes broad, beneficial properties ashen—and he knew that she had most likely been useless by the point she hit the water. His eyes have been caked close by way of dust, and there has been a discomfort in his facet that hadn’t been there a second in the past. Had he been shot? might be he had twisted whatever whilst he fell. He may perhaps listen the splash of footsteps close to, and his center thundered like a volley of musket hearth.

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