The Planet of Trainiacs (The Little Prince) (Little Prince (Paperback))

Panic has damaged out on this planet of Trainiacs, the place the single solution to get round is by means of teach! however the trains aren't working on time anymore, and so they do not get to their ultimate vacation spot. existence in the neighborhood is topsy turvy! Has Hannibal, the railway switchman, long gone loopy?

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Forty We’re nearly there! It’s caught! Ooooof! Yay!!! forty-one Hannibal, what have you ever performed? If we don’t hurry, all of your planet can be destroyed! forty two Go locate Hannibal-I’ll conceal you! The Gloomies! Wow! I’d like to paint those black fluffy issues! You won’t get through me! forty three What’s happening right here? what's that factor? What has it performed to my Hannibal? Hannibal? not more trains! not more site visitors keep watch over! not more Railway administrators! It’s the Snake at his such a lot vile-when he thinks he’s gained. You’re too overdue! Hsss . . . In a couple of minutes, this planet may be only a pile of scrap iron!

I’m happy you didn’t make us go away earlier than the social gathering begun. I occasionally get discouraged in my conflict with the Snake. thanks for restoring my wish. forty six Mr. Squirrel! Mr. Squirrel! I’m now not a squirrel! A... female friend? Up there, within the tree! We came across a female friend for you, Mr. Squirrel! We didn’t wish you to be on my own on the get together. See--a woman squirrel! forty seven I don’t comprehend, Fox. With all of the scrumptious nutrition on the buffet, why did you decide hazelnuts as a snack? Marieke made us a poultry pot pie. i assume I’ll need to devour all of it on my own!

Rosetta is impulsive . . . You can’t indulge her each whim while there’s a complete planet counting on you! 18 What have I performed? Rosetta virtually obtained harm, and that i slammed the door within the face of that great boy and his funny-looking squirrel . . . perhaps I must have listened to them . . . You’re correct. paintings comes at the beginning else. i have to now not be distracted! We can’t surrender so speedy, Fox. . . seeing that Hannibal won’t check with us, we’ll need to cross locate Rosetta! Are we there but? Let’s cross, Fox! do we take a teach? on the velocity she’s going, she’s been leaving a path of paint.

Certain . . . yet we’ll get to our vacation spot. We’ll be effective! eleven We frequently have lots of coal to get to the provision depot, yet there has been an issue with site visitors keep an eye on and we needed to make an enormous detour! ultimately! glance who’s the following! I’ve been awaiting you for 2 hours! hi, Mr. Gaston! We had a breakdown--another challenge with site visitors regulate! we'd like coal straight away, or the kids will pass over institution! okay, okay, I’m coming! Get me out of right here! I’d fairly take care of the Gloomies ... What occurred in your hair, Gaston!

Not more trains! not more site visitors keep watch over! not more Railway administrators! It’s the Snake at his such a lot vile-when he thinks he’s gained. You’re too past due! Hsss . . . In a couple of minutes, this planet could be only a pile of scrap iron! forty four No! I’m the following for you! quite, Marieke? You deserted Hannibal simply because he labored too not easy. Now while he’s sacrificed every thing to guard his daughter, you ask him to paintings much more. Did you ever relatively love him? Hsss . . . this can be all of your fault! Rosetta is incorrect! so long as there’s a railway, she won’t feel free.

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