Averbakh's Selected Games by Yuri Averbakh

By Yuri Averbakh

Russian grandmaster, Yuri Averbakh has selec ted the main attention-grabbing and instructive video games from his weal th of expertise. gamers are bound to be insipred by means of t hese vintage video games and particular annotations. '

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Smyslov outdoes himself.
By A. J. Goldsby I on April 1, 2002

I have this e-book. i'm a Life-Master on the online game. I educate chess for a living.
Smyslov is among the maximum avid gamers who ever lived. His craft as an annotator sets
himself in a category perhaps all via himself. (How many different writers have held the World
Championship? )
Simply placed this is often the most effective books in my library. i've got over 2000 chess books,
(not counting pamphlets) and this is often simply within the most sensible a hundred, even perhaps the head 10.
Want to enhance your video game? are looking to learn strategies? Positional chess? Endings? It is
all in right here, one hundred twenty five of the simplest annotated video games you'll ever see. whereas Smyslov lacks
the skill to the touch the bottom score sessions like Chernev, someone who stories these
games conscientiously couldn't support yet enhance. Smyslov the following most likely spent a lot more
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24 25 "xd7 :d3 :xd5! This is the whole point! The ill-starred bishop at d2 comes under a mortal pin, and even the threat of mate at e8 does not save White. 26 27 Black's pieces are very active. The immediate threat is 20 . a4. h3 By attacking the knight and threatening to win the c5 pawn, my opponent tries to stem Black's offensive. g2 :fxd8 If 27 �fl I was intending to continue not 27 ... c3 28 Jlxc3 :xd 1 29 :xd 1 :xd 1 + 30 �e2 :h l 3 1 Jle5, when White can still put of a tough resistance, but 27 .

F8 (White also has a strong attack after 2 1 . . xf5 22 exf5) 22 lLlh6+! c8 25 Wh5 :a7 26 lLlxh7 ! We7 (interesting complications arise after 26 ... e3 ! lLlc4 28 :g7+ ! �h8 29 :ag l , when if 29 . . g5 f6 28 lLlxf6 1Wfl (if 28 ... f6+) 29 . . xg5 (30 . . f6+) 3 1 Wxg5 and Black 47 Averbakh 's Selected Games has no defence. If, for example, 3 1 . . 1i'xf2+ 32 :g2 1i'f4+ 33 1i'xf4 exf4, both 34 �f6 and 34 :ag l are possible. Of course, all these variations do not exhaust the possibilities in the position, but they vividly demonstrate just how strong White's attack could have been.

Disregarding loss of material, Bondar­ evsky hurries to open lines for an attack on the kingside. If 1 8 liJe6 he was intending 1 8 . ie3 liJfl + 23 :xfl "'xe3 . It is doubtful whether he calculated precisely all the consequences of this sacrifice, but intuition suggested to him that Black should gain sufficient compensation for it. ie3 :a6! This is where the strength of . . a6-a5 is unexpectedly revealed - the rook gains the opportunity to come into play. 19 "'g4? This plays into the opponent' s hands, allowing him to switch his queen' s rook to a strong attacking position.

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