Clanbook: Gangrel (Revised Edition) (Vampire: The by James Kiley, Ellen Kiley

By James Kiley, Ellen Kiley

As rogues and wanderers, the Gangrel have continually positioned themselves except different Kindred. The Outlanders haven't any desire for the petty Jyhads and lifeless sniping of the undead - they're vampires, the top order of beasts! Now, extended family Gangrel prowls the evening unfettered through the traditions of the crumbling Camarilla. they've got eventually referred to as the evening their own.

Or Savages Unbound?
As the 1st access in an formidable sequence of revised clanbooks, Gangrel expands upon the clan's visual appeal within the revised variation of Vampire: The Masquerade. All-new info accompanies a re-assessment of prior options, permitting you so as to add as a lot intensity on your personality as you love. also, the sheer quantity of data inside the new clanbooks (each with 32 extra pages than the first-edition books) allows Storytellers to around out their chronicles.

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One nice thing been around for decades. I'm told that Lupines tend to be about being part of a clan full of dead people who can turn into wolves, bats or mist is that we get around, and the I hard-core eco-fanatics, as well. CHAPTER ONE: STONE, STEPPE, AND SEA: A HISTORY OF THE GANGREL CLAN 37 the Silver Razors, ran into an amnesiac Gangrel in Massachusetts in '92. The Gangrel insisted that he had no idea who he was, where he came from, or who his sire was. The Silver Razors had a Tremere antitribu among them back in '92 ( and they clammed up when I asked what happened to him) , and he wheedled Joe Anonymous until he donated a few drops of blood.

Cainites in Oslo weren't talking, however; 1 dozen other things this story could be, for the sake of it seemed that nothing short of a personal visit was j| respecting your intelligence. But if you find yourself stuck going to pry any information out of them. None of |in the Gobi in the near future, you might want to watch us had time for that, so we wrote the whole thing off |the sand. as a random rumor. Until March of '82, when I In '87 we had the third in a disturbing series of archon Kinssky had a disturbing dream about a two-handed |murders.

The common wisdom says that the Gangrel do not play in politics and despise the maneuvering of the Jyhad, but the clan has representatives in positions of great power in all the major factions of vampire politics. And not a single member of the clan has been left untouched by the upheavals of the modem nights. Like most clans, the Gangrel have no official, clanwide organization. They have common ground in their traditions and their basic natures, which make complex organizational schemes superfluous and unnatural.

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