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Strained or unnatural action of the nerves can ever "^^"iT be so assimilated to their constitutional modes of Of Taste, existence, as not to produce, on every re-application of its cause, a change sufficient to excite a pleasing irritation; which, those that are natural and gentle cease by degrees to do; since, by uninterrupted continuance for any long time, they become blended and confounded with those, which belong to the vital motion and constitutional existence of the organ. A man may inhale air impregnated with ottar of roses, or other sweet scents, till he no longer perceives that it is impregnated; as we often find to be the case with those who live in perfumers9 shops: but no one can inhale air mixt with effluvia of assafetida or tobacco without perceiving it, unless his olfactory nerves have totally lost their sensibility.

Certainly not: for the doctrine of innate ideas has been so completely confuted and exploded, that no person in his senses can now entertain it; but, nevertheless, there may be internal stimuli, which, though not innate, grow up constitutionally in the body; ana* naturally and instinctively dispose the desires PART. I bf all animals to the opposite sex of their own chap. m. species; Animal desire or want may exist with- Of Touch out any idea of its object, if there be a stimulus to excite it; so that a male, who had arrived at maturity without knowing the existence of a fe- male of his own specieSj might feel it, as a newborn child feels the want of rood, without having any determinate notion of what was proper to gratify it; 舦 6.

IV. Extremely loud and jarring sounds, such as those of Hearing, of kettle-drums or artillery, will extend this vibration through the whole body; as I very sensibly felt at the performance of some of Handel9s choruses in Westminster Abbey: but, as they were in harmony, the sensation was not at all unpleasant. On the contrary, if I could conceive any sensation to be sublime, I should admit this to be so: but the sentiment of sublimity belongs to the affections of the mind, and not to organic sensation; as I shall fully show in examining that part of my subject.

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