Dialogues in Limbo by George Santayana

By George Santayana

Атеист и скептик, американский философ Джордж Сантаяна (1863 – 1952) в этой книге с присущей ему язвительностью развенчивает догматы христианства, показывая, что все религии суть лишь воплощения естественной потребности человека поэтизировать реальность. Философия, по его мнению, тоже сродни и религии, и искусству – она не решает никаких проблем и не делает никаких открытий и является лишь самовыражением того, кто ею занимается.
Для философов, историков философии, религиоведов.

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The diseases which a are man no less natural than the instincts destroy which preserve him. Nature has no difficulty in doing what she does, however wonderful or horrible it may seem to a fancy furnished only with a few loose images and incapable of tracing the currents of substance and she has no hostility to what she leaves undone and no longing to do You will find her in a thousand ways unit. making what she makes, trying again where failure is certain, and neglecting the fine feats which she once easily accomplished, as if she had forgotten their secret.

How many times, for once that you mention the atoms and the void, do you not mention beauty ? Alcibiades. Beauty, as Socrates would prove to you if you would listen, is the truest of things. Democritus. Nonsense, Beauty is a fleeting DIALOGUES IN 28 and though the Stranger (wiser, I appearance admit In this respect than either you or Socrates) knows that it is an appearance, he nevertheless ; 5 more than such is the mixture of waking and dreaming of health and rottenness cherishes it reality : , , in his composition.

I salute that admirable being, that should have borne designed by Democritus, name, and my he on earth the I bid another wish him a glorious Meantime arises. and I allotted my to fear. beg leave to go and term of my ever finish present illness, incomparable doctor farewell, until visit. Akibiades (aside prepares I life, if to depart). The old to the Stranger, as the latter You see that you had nothing man has cut you up without hurting you. The Stranger. The operation was unnecessary, and has^iot been painless, into worse hands.

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