Molecular Nutrition, Edition: First by H Daniel

By H Daniel

Molecular nutrients (the examine of interactions among food and numerous intracellular and extracellular molecules) is likely one of the such a lot quickly constructing fields in dietary technology. eventually, molecular food learn will show how food may possibly have an effect on primary techniques akin to DNA fix, mobile proliferation, and apoptosis. This ebook is the single unmarried entire quantity to be had reviewing the sector of molecular foodstuff. It includes contributions from top overseas specialists, and reports an important and most up-to-date study from a variety of components of molecular meals.

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2001). They may represent the first lysosomal efflux carriers for amino acids with short side chains (glycine, alanine, serine and proline) by coupling of amino acid flux to the movement of protons. Such protondependent transport pathways for small neutral amino acids have also been identified in the apical membrane of intestinal and renal epithelial cells. By their mode of action, one might speculate that these transporters resemble the mammalian roots of archaic proton-coupled amino acid transport pathways as found in prokaryotes, yeast and plants.

Based on the kinetics of transport and particularly its stereoselectivity, it became clear that specific binding and carrier-mediated processes must be involved. A low-capacity transport mechanism with affinities for T4 and T3 in the nanomolar range and another system characterized by high binding and transport capacity but lower affinities in the micromolar range have been identified. , 2001). In a variety of tissues and cells (erythrocytes, pituitary cells, astrocytes, the blood–brain barrier and the choroid plexus), uptake of T4 and T3 appears to be mediated by system L or T (aromatic amino acids) transporters.

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