On the Edge: Political Cults Right and Left by Dennis Tourish

By Dennis Tourish

This is often the 1st booklet to record the level of political cults on either the precise and left and clarify their importance for mainstream political businesses. The authors define the defining features of cults typically, and research the measure to which numerous recognized events fall in the spectrum of cultic businesses. The e-book covers such members and teams as Lyndon LaRouche, Fred Newman, Ted furnish, Marlene Dixon, the Christian id circulate, Posse Commitatus, Aryan state, militias, and the Freemen. It explores the ideological underpinnings that predispose cult fans to cultic practices, besides the measures cults use to suppress dissent, in attaining severe conformity, and extract remarkable degrees of dedication.

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6 Such groups strive to achieve extreme conformity, an outcome that Lifton7 characterizes as "ideological totalism," and that we discuss in detail later in this chapter. The roller-coaster highs and lows of cult recruitment mean that people are constantly switched between disorientating and mutually opposed emotional states. Feelings and ideas lose subtlety, shade, and color. Paltry insights are sold as having cosmic implications. Ideas that may be held by many people are presented as the sole moral property of the group.

Politics and culture. 4. Cults. I. Wohlforth, Tim. II. Title. 48'4—dc21 00-024818 ISBN 13: 9780765606396 (hbk) For Gemma Tourish and Joyce Gibrick, whose love and encouragement make everything possible. Contents AcknowledgmentsIntroductionPart One. Groupthink, Big Brother, and Love BombingPart Two. The Travels of Lyndon LaRouchePart Three. Synanon: Utopia as a GamePart Four. The Many Faces of Gino PerenteConclusion. Politics as ReligionNotesIndex Acknowledgments We are grateful to many people who helped us with the production of this text.

Political cults form the principal focus of this book. An important reason for the lack of attention they have so far received may be that political life is often characterized by frantic activity and intense feelings of party loyalty. This makes it difficult to differentiate between "normal" political parties and groups that have reached such a point of obsession that they can be regarded as cults. In cults, the passion, enthusiasm, and commitment of members is ruthlessly exploited to achieve ever-higher levels of activity.

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