The Andalite Chronicles (Animorphs, Book 12.5)

By K. A. Applegate

Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul is an Andalite struggle prince--the person who gave the Animorphs the ability to morph. "The Andalite Chronicles" is the tale of ways this warrior-cadet ended up on planet Earth a while 9-12. Pub: 12/97. .

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I stood dealing with him, attempting to stand mild and simple on my 4 hooves, similar to i used to be alleged to. whilst I needed to take into consideration the place my weight was once situated, and even if the lean of my higher physique signaled while i used to be going to strike, and even if the grass ground lower than my hooves was once asymmetric, and no matter if my arms have been out of how, and a few million different issues a warrior should still be aware of for tail-fighting. Sofor was once greater than me. He was once an entire warrior, whereas i used to be only a lowly aristh — a warrior-cadet.

Far flung? Do you actually imagine you're secure the following, Elfangor? Do you suppose the Yeerks won't ever come? " I felt my throat clutching up. It occurs to people after they are disillusioned or afraid. "Will they arrive right here? " "Elfangor, the 1st Yeerk develop scouts are in orbit above Earth instantly. " I stated not anything for a very long time. I seemed out of the window, watching for to work out Loren's vehicle pull up at any second. yet then i spotted what a idiot i used to be being. If the Ellimist didn't wish us to be interrupted, we would not be.

Without notice the creatures each one cut up into elements! the ground component, the yellow half with the wheels, swerved away. The darkish purple top element easily rose from the physique, opened up leathery wings i might by no means even suspected, and flew directly at me! "Elfangor! " Loren cried. Visser Thirty-two cackled gleefully. the 1st Mortron — i do not recognize if it used to be Jarex or Larex — opened its mouth and confirmed its rows of asymmetric yet brutally disagreeable enamel. It powered during the air like a rocket.

A glancing hit. The beam struck my left arm and left foreleg. discomfort shot via me 208 like shards of glass. My left arm used to be as numb as stone. My left entrance leg was once lifeless. i may stand, yet i may slightly movement. "How do you're keen on it, Andalite? " Chapman crowed as he rose to a status place. He leveled the shredder at me. "Oh, i've got so had it with you! " Loren yelled. nonetheless mendacity at the deck, she drew her legs up and kicked upward. either her synthetic hooves hit Chapman correct the place his legs joined his physique.

I observed my very own Andalite global, yet jumbled together with it have been photographs of Earth — the photographs I had noticeable. someplace faraway, i spotted i may see my very own physique commencing to freeze. platforms have been shutting down. i'll see within arms that have been frozen stiff. i may see a tail that hung limp, all pressure long gone. My hearts have been beating sluggishly. i used to be looking at my very own physique die. i used to be weakening. The visser, too, used to be harm by way of the chilly, however the Yeerk himself, down within Alloran's head, used to be nonetheless alert and powerful. Slowly the stability shifted to him.

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